I am called Holvitz. We have never met before and have never corresponded. I would be very surprised if you had ever heard of me. However, I know of you. You see, I knew your parents.

Before you were born, your parents and I were part of the same travelling group. We accomplished a lot together. We grew to have a very strong friendship though it has been some time since I’ve seen them, I am as dedicated to their well-being as when we last parted. This means that I am dedicated to your benefit as well.

You may be wondering how I can be so, seeing as we have never met. Though this is true, I do know at least three things about you. The first is that your parents were not from the area you were born in. While they may have been accepted into the community, they were foreign when they first arrived. The second thing I know about you is that you have no idea where your parents were before they arrived. They never spoke of it to you and no one in your birthplace could tell you. They suddenly appeared one day and took up residence. The third thing is that about 17 years ago, your parents left on a journey and never returned. They made arrangements for you to be taken care of, left you in the care of a trusted guardian and departed. They never came back and there has been no word of them since. It is this third item that prompts my correspondance.

I am writing to you now in accordance with your parents’ wishes. While they were still with you, they made arrangements with me in the event that something happened to them. At a pre-determined age of “maturity,” I was write to you and request your attendence for a meeting. I am to answer any questions you may have as well as reveal the purpose of their last journey. Although I do not know what ultimately has become of them, I know of the purpose of their journey and where they went.

Thus, I am requesting your attendence at a meeting in two months’ time. You will be meeting with me and a few others, who are also children of members of our travelling party. The location is just outside the town of your birth.

About two miles outside that town, there is a clearing. In that clearing, there is a large stone. Please meet at that stone in two months’ time.

I look forward to meeting you.


Ser Holvitz

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